Now that Hurley is out, what do you guys think of how the band has changed and is changing?

Do you think they're doing better or worse?

What do you think is going to happen to them within the next for years or in other words what do you see happening to their music in the next 1, 2, or 3 albums?

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Dorian....I are probably 15 years younger than us Old if you like Scorcho and Why bother...Let me see...Green you liked "Photograph" and of COURSE "Island" and kind of tolerated "Hashpipe". Maladroit..."Dope Nose" and of course "keep fishin" great vid. Make Believe "Beverly Hills" and "Perfect Situation". Red "Pork and Beans"...did they make any other videos?

Marc, I admit also, I BOUGHT it when it came out as well and DID not like it as much as Blue. I put it down for a 2 years and after Kurt died, Corgan went techno, Soundgarden broke up, and Pearl Jam went into a bit of a lull...I picked it back up and it was instantly like I felt about In utterly beautiful unlistenable CD on the first few spins until you really GET IT. I think Pink was Rivers In Utero without a cool video.

I think Blue spawned Phantom Planet, but Pink gave us the Strokes 2nd CD which is awesome.

Green, MB, Mala, Red...will probably not spawn much of anything. I still like 4-5 songs on every one of those especially MB and Green, but every song on the first two was Gold...thats not hating, that is reality if you were in college when they came out.

So many times though, Pearl Jam's first three are regarded as their best, Black Keys, Strokes, Spumpkins, Hell even Garth Brooks...all the firsts do seem to be the best don't they??? Although PJ's last was amazing!

Check out "The Little Last Life EP", really good stuff. And so what if Matt "stole" The Rental's sound? Homeboy makes good tunes that should be listened to.
I think I'm the only person on this board who thinks more "Red Album" stuff would be incredible.

Red is the second best Weezer record. Better than Blue. What up?

What about thought I knew, automatic, cold dark world, or heart songs beats Rad (besides Love is the answer?) or Pink?

Even get dangerous is very weak...

I think Dreamin', Beans (obvious homage to us old guys), Ms. Sweeney which is actually the best track from that time are good. Greatest man is above avg., Troublemaker is a bit sophmorish lyrically?


Pinkerton is still on top.

Every song on Red hits me in a way that no other Weezer record does (Except Pinkerton). Miss Sweeney makes me fall back in love. Pork and Beans was written about me (Rivers just doesn't know it yet). The Angel and the One is probably the strongest recording Weezer has ever done. Every song you mentioned is great (Except "Love is the Answer". Rad's best song was "Put Me Back Together", it's been scientifically proven).

Red is the perfect place for Weezer to be right now. Successful rock star reminiscing about his childhood, and collaborating with the other band members in a way that was never done before (for Weezer).
Weezer is going to Arizona.....
I'm also one of the people who thinks the Red Album is great. I wouldn't go quite as far to say it's better than Blue or Pinkerton, but I think several songs off of Red are in the same ballpark. I love Greatest Man, Pork N' Beans, Dreamin', Angel and The One, Miss Sweeny, and Pig. I think if they would have gotten rid of a few of the other songs and made fully recorded versions of "It's Easy" and "I Can Love" part of the album...then people would have said it was the best Weezer album since the original two.
Yes- and that was the pinnacle of that song. Then they turned it into something else and it sounded bad. But that live Goat Punishment version was not half bad at all. No "Buddy Holly" by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad.
That's your problem. I'm not a "pinkerton obsesser" and for the last goddamn time: I'm not asking for PInkerton Part II.

It is not "all or nothing". Rivers can and should write a great record and it doesn't have to sound like PInkerton, just like Pinkerton doesn't sound like Blue. Why is this so hard to get? Once upon a time, this band had almost 4 albums worth of material, none of which sounded the same, but still retained the things that were unique about Rivers' voice as a lyricist and the band's style, which was their own.

Now they're jumping all over the place, releasing inconsistent or just plain bad albums with cheesy songs, bad production and way too many hands in the cookie jar.

It's pretty easy to not love what they're doing now- because I'm not so attached to them that I'm going to put blinders on and pretend there hasn't been an obvious decline in the quality of their music. Rivers doesn't need you to defend him.

I strongly advise everyone who thinks Rivers is some super nice guy who hasn't intentionally given the F-U to his old fans to go read the archives of the RCB. He's doing what he's doing on purpose. There's no real mystery. Hurley is beneath him.
Dorain, we're never going to see eye to eye. Pinkerton puts Make Believe to shame. I wonder what other music besides Weezer you like, because I think that would be telling. I seem to be among the few who bought Pinkerton and not only was not disappointed, I dropped Blue like a bad habit. Pinkerton is still light years beyond the Blue album for me (though I love them both and obviously feel they both put this last decade to shame).

Make Believe is over-produced, the singing has no balls whatsoever, the guitar solos don't even scratch the surface of Pinkerton and where Pinkerton is a complex and detailed record based around an opera most of the bands' fanbase have never heard, Make Believe is based on nothing but record sales and some cheap and largely superficial nods to their old sound.

Just compare the lyrics side by side. Make Believe is what would happen if you took Pinkerton, stripped all the specificity out of the lyrics and made them "universal", took all those dynamics and squashed the s*** out of them, took all the passion and raw defiance in the vocals and stripped the emotion out of them, took all the modulations and bridges that take the songs in different directions and cut them out.

What you get is a plastic album that could be made by any rock band, save for the fact that it's still obviously Rivers Cuomo on vocals. Make Believe is a record for teenyboppers and people shopping at malls. It's inoffensive, it's practically muzak.

And We Are All On Drugs is the worst piece of s*** the dude has ever written, which, in a decade of stuff like Take Control, Can't Stop Partyin' and Keep Fishin' saying something.
"based around an opera most of you have never heard" Who cares?

"What you get is a plastic album that could be made by any rock band" I sure hope it's a plastic album. Any other material would tear the hell out of my disc drive.
The thing is, Dorian- what you just said is the entire source of my complaint. In about 3-5 years, you're going to hear Pinkerton again with fresh ears and it will click for you. Right now, the album is over your head. You're too young for it. And it's a bummer to me that Rivers no longer writes music for adults. He very obviously gears the band's image and sound toward people your age. That was not the case in the 90's, when Rivers was actually paranoid that his songs would be misconstrued as novelty tunes. Now he's taken the safe route and made Weezer into a novelty band so that he doesn't have to have his feelings hurt if he puts out something meaningful and people don't like it.

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