Now that Hurley is out, what do you guys think of how the band has changed and is changing?

Do you think they're doing better or worse?

What do you think is going to happen to them within the next for years or in other words what do you see happening to their music in the next 1, 2, or 3 albums?

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Cienna Wills said:
Just curious, all rudeness aside, but if you are such an anti weezer non-fan what are you doing on this forum???

People love the early stuff for various reasons.
Being critical of the new stuff isn't anti-Weezer. Most critical statements come from a place of deep appreciation for Rivers' potential and disappointment with that potential when it's either unchallenged or simply unused.
Whether it's true or valid, these people are fans who care a lot about the authenticity and honesty of Weezer's music.
It comes across like hating, but it's really the opposite.
So, that's why they're here.

For what it's worth, a number of contemporary writers face this issue with fans. Writers like Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) can tell you that the only thing worse than failing can be succeeding and setting a standard or high water mark so high that you fear the blinking cursor every time you sit in front of it.
Rivers faces the cursor and these vocal fans on a regular basis and continues stepping up to the plate/mic to make new music. I think that makes him a pretty brave little guy. So, I'm not quite so hard on him.
I am, however, a published writer and face a lot of this myself with articles I see readers devour and excrete on the internet. I also busk on the street with my guitar and get instant and the meanest spirited feedback possible. It's not for pansies, this kind of art.
If Rivers were only a performer his life would be much easier on this and other forums.

Of course, there are also the miserable and crazy people who carom from one forum to another with nothing good to say about anything, anywhere, or any time in history. So, sometimes the griping is just their weakness or mental deficiency being extruded onto message boards through a high speed cable.

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