Now that Hurley is out, what do you guys think of how the band has changed and is changing?

Do you think they're doing better or worse?

What do you think is going to happen to them within the next for years or in other words what do you see happening to their music in the next 1, 2, or 3 albums?

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It doesn't do anything to my argument. You probably liked the things that Dorian doesn't: specifically the messy and raw production style. Still, it was likely just as over your head at 13 as it is over Dorian's head at 14-15.

I'm not sure how old you are now, but I'd wager that the older you get, to a certain extent, the more true and immediate that album actually becomes.

And yes, I've heard that statement a million times and I've always felt it was nothing but an excuse. Rivers would never have said that if the album had been as successful as Blue. He was not drunk when he wrote the songs and he was not drunk when he recorded the album. He thought it was going to be huge.
Isn't that the lamest? "I was drunk", no sir, you were enthralled with the possibility that geek rock could be cool if you laid it all out there and you were soundly rejected by the critics? Who cares? Now you have them all and the music is still good but NOT GREAT.

BTS, I am liking Hurley more, especially Time Flies. I don't think it is as big a flop as Maladroit was when it came out. I listened to that again yesterday and honestly think Rivers was trying to make a 'safe' Pinkerton if one could be made. Specifically a solo here and there, a painful song or two like Death and Destruction, but it seems every CD now as that "I can do whatever I want" b.s. ala Pork and Beans (which was great), Gigolo (which is an embarassment), or Brave new world (this is the dawning of the worst lyrics since Drugs)?

I really think Maladroit was an "attempt" to try and please but it was so poorly received as well, I think he just said the hell with it, I'll do whatever. Again, though...why is he doing a Pink/Blue tour??? Besides the fact that they are my favorite band alive and the one of the worst live (Rivers often stands like a statue during the 1:20 he graces us with) bands, he knows that is what sells, the old stuff? Someone on a Weezer blog said "Rivers was just paying off Geffen with what they wanted" (a move Kurt would not do when the 'adults' said In Utero was unlistenable)...I think that is a brilliant point. I don't know how much truth is in that? He has so much talent and having studied what would make a record great, why not just take a chance a put out a Queen of Earth type song? Another reflective "Time Flies".

I know you don't like Matt BTS and I don't know why really? ROTR is a brilliant CD, and Seven more minutes isn't as good but still has some great music. It may be Matts voice??? Again, I personally love his solo cd as well as anything Elliott Smith put out and wonder if the turmoil of having Matt (I know he won't rejoin) in the band to actually challenge Rivers would help him?? I don't think Matt is the kind of guy that would rubber stamp his thoughts nor do I think Pat would as gifted musically as he is on his own, but I wonder how safe Scott feels to state his opinion if it was harsh on the creative side or Brian, who seems to be the 'quiet' one?

I hope to goodness Rivers doesn't open up the other guys to sing again ala Red? They aren't Teenage Fanclub or the Beatles for that manner...
Well, for me, it's Matt's attitude and I just really am not impressed with his songwriting. All of ROTR to me, is Matt trying to write "I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams" and failing. It has some good tunes, but I never thought it at all deserved to be held up alongside Blue/Pink/SFTBH and it definitely doesn't prove that Matt is the missing ingredient in Weezer.

Mrs. Young is a terrible song that just proves which of the two guys (Matt and Rivers) was carrying the lion's share of the writing duties for Weezer.

But I do agree that he was at least willing to challenge Rivers in ways the other guys probably aren't. Also, just judging from comments they've made I think none of them feel like they've made as a good a record as they can in the last 10 years.

Over the last few days I've been going back and listening to some of the unreleased stuff from this decade- mostly ss2k which I already loved, but also some of the album 5 stuff. I still don't like "Organ Player" or "Mansion of Cardboard" or "Fontana"----but "Everybody wants a chance to feel all alone" was a decent tune, "She Who Is Militant" had potential- the same for "Private Message" and "Untenable"...but they all sound so small compared to that earlier era. I don't mean in terms of production, but in terms of the payoff in the choruses and the lack of direction in the arrangements.

Anyway, I don't know...he's making the music he wants to make. I'm pretty sure that's never going to dovetail again with what a lot of us want to hear. But if I count ss2k, then with that, SFTBH, Pink and Blue I guess I have 4 albums worth of stuff I like and I'll just have to deal with this other stuff.
BTS is right on one thing. The overwhelmingly negative reception to Pink destroyed Rivers' confidence in terms of what to write for release. The SS2K stuff after was great.

That said, my point is that writing is a direct reflection of where you are in life. You can't fake sadness, heartbreak, or genuine emotion. If Rivers Cuomo is truly happy then that explains the material over the last 10 years. It's happy, it's positive and that's probably where he is in life. Good for him. We can debate that the band would be in an entirely different place if SFTBH was released. That record would have been gushed over by critics.

I find little positives with each record. Us guys that were teenagers when Blue/Pink came out have this crazy standard for Weezer records from here on out. We're never going to be truly satisfied. TBA I hold on such a high pedestal that I compare a lot of albums to it, even today. I needed Blue when it came out. TWHTALMH was a healing song for me at that time.

I defend Maladroit to no end. It's their 3rd best record and it's not even close. I would love to see the material move in that direction. That record was a straight rocker.
Maladroit is almost impossible for me to put into context with their other records without thinking of all the things happening on the boards at that time. I didn't like the demos, I was horrified by Rivers' attitude about his old material and I was also horrified by the way he was seemingly supporting people like asschun and queero---who were just straight up immature pricks (although I wound up a moderator on Asschun's infamous and short lived sub-forum at .com and I probably wasn't all that nice myself). Some really shady s*** happened at the RCB and it completely changed my perception of Rivers.

So that was the light I received Maladroit in. Listening back to it, I still can't stand the vocals and there's way too much wink and nod metal throwback stuff in it that just sounds cheesy to me. It's not even good cheesy like Avant Garde, which at least showcases Rivers absolutely ripping into the guitar Megadeth style and obviously using some of his training to write all those modulations and neo-classical guitar harmonies.

Maladroit is more like Boston or Journey cheesy. And "Slob" is just ruined for me.
Been a fan since Blue was released all those years ago, and all of the albums have been different from each other. Now that I have them on a mix on the iPhone, you can *really* see differences! The harder and rougher Pinkerton, Maladroit was a little more "constructed" sounding...Make Believe sounds like all Rick Rubin sounds (this is not a slam! I dig his sound. he does incredible things with strings); Red is probably my favorite as it shows a much more creative and introspective side of the band, that it's not just "Rivers and his backup band". I liked Raditude because it was so crazy and "out-there", but I know a lot of people didn't quite get it. Hurley likens back to the Pinkerton/Maladroit era, and I think will be more successful.
What's in store for the next few records? God only knows. Epic Madness? Likely. Epic Fun? Oh yeah! Who cares, it's Weezer, so it's gonna be great!
I'm 26, and you're right - the lyrics are more meaningful to me now, although I wouldn't say they were over my head even back then.

I still think you need to give a few extra listens to some of the newer stuff before you just throw it away. The more I listen to Hurley, the more I pick the meaning out of the lyrics, the more I grow to (yes, actually) love it. Like I said before, just imagine how many times you've listened to the first two albums, to pick out all the details. At least afford half of that courtesy to this album before you totally dismiss it.

Also, I'm curious, what did you think of I Want To Be Something ?
I love your gross stereotypes.
It's posters like you that make them possible.

Weez on~
Wait, what?

Just because I like a certain album more than another, you label me something I may or may not be?

F*** you, dude.
And you respond on cue, even.

Yeah, yeah, F*** me. Just remember you're the douche who picked a couple things out of my post you didn't like, intentionally misconstrued them so you could make a dumb joke and then threw a little fit when I responded in kind.
Hey, just because you've been a fan longer than me doesn't give you authority to be a douchebag.

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