Now that Hurley is out, what do you guys think of how the band has changed and is changing?

Do you think they're doing better or worse?

What do you think is going to happen to them within the next for years or in other words what do you see happening to their music in the next 1, 2, or 3 albums?

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Nice. lol.
Well, on most of these songs, Rivers had already written them. He had enlisted the help of other songwriters to better the songs and give them new life.
Spot on.
In the September issue of Rolling Stone Rivers actually said that they have completed the next two albums and are working on the third. 
Cmon man that's way too unrealistically harsh. They are not a shadow of who they used to be, they're just a bit different. Considering how many years they've been playing they've actually done a good job of not straying from their sound too much. And the songs that they make now, their 'new material', is not crappy or bad at all, it's just different. If you think that these songs are bad then you clearly do not know music. Widen the range of music you listen to, go buy a music theory book, write some try writing some songs yourself and then see how these songs sound. The lyrics in these songs are completely sincere and if you actually pay attention to them you'll see that while some of the ideas for the themes of the lyrics can be cliche, the words are not. The melodies are catchy as ever, which has always been Rivers' strong point. The chord progressions and the guitar riffs are amazing; sure they're not as good as say Jimmy Page but who is? They also did an excellent job at the effects and the use of distortion in this album. They don't just throw in distortion because they're lazy or anything, they use it when they find it necessary and they use just the right amount for that particular song. Look at Unspoken, 75% of it IS NOT DISTORTED. They slowly build up to a great chorus that would get any crowd jumping with excitement. I've listen to that song, myself, a out 40-50 times now and each time I can't stop myself from smiling when the distortion kicks in. 

Don't just throw something out the window because of some preconceived notion that it has to be bad because it's later in their career now. If you really think that Rivers' stuff before was amazing then give him a chance and listen to the music. Set aside whatever you're doing and really listen to it. If you do this and you're still not convinced then I'm afraid you'll never be content with anything in your life. I really hope that's not the case. 
Forget about Matt. Scott kicks ass.
I kinda agree, i feel Rivers should be writing all the songs on the album. I think Red was fine for a chance to see how the rest of Weezer could do and Raditude was fine for Rivers to collaborate with other artists. Now he should be back to writing them all.
scott kicks all of the ass

i think they are heading in a direction that will take the music into a similar pinkerton sound, at least thats the vibe i get
I don't think you have any idea where I'm coming from. I'm a professional musician who gets hired to play on projects from funk, to jazz, to latin, to country, to rock, to basically whatever. I am theory-trained. I was raised and trained by a professional musician and I could record Pinkerton myself solo playing everyone's parts to perfection. As a matter of fact I am currently working on a solo album where I am writing, performing, recording, singing and engineering every single note. This is not to say how great I think I am- it's been nothing but hard work. I am no prodigy. But the point of all that is this: I'm not coming at this from a fan perspective and that's where you seem to be confused.

I could easily give you a detailed explanation of why Pinkerton absolutely destroys Hurley and everything else Weezer has done this decade, but I'm not going to waste my breath on it. It's been done 1000 times and it speaks for itself.

Besides, it's pretty simple, actually. Name me a single key change within a song on Hurley. Pinkerton is full of them. There are multiple modulations in Across The Sea and Falling For You. That's just two songs with far more complex chordal structures than ANYTHING on Hurley.

This idea that I'll never be content with anything because I recognize, rightly, that Rivers has lost the plot as a songwriter is sheer nonsense.

Here's my advice to you- buy the guitar book for Pinkerton and do a chordal analysis. Compare it to ANYTHING from this decade and get back to me. I won't presume to judge that your life will somehow be incomplete if you can't recognize what is glaringly apparent from the study, though.
He doesn't have to write about being dumped. I certainly don't think he should. But he could write much better songs about his life now than he actually is. Pinkerton's not great because it's "sad". It's more angry and defiant than sad. It's great because of how meticulous the detail in the compositions is, despite the fact that it sounds messy and raw and loud and loose. That's by no means easy to pull off.

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