Now that Hurley is out, what do you guys think of how the band has changed and is changing?

Do you think they're doing better or worse?

What do you think is going to happen to them within the next for years or in other words what do you see happening to their music in the next 1, 2, or 3 albums?

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If I were to offer my opinion to the band on where to go I would say SFTBH and release it. If they are serious about doing a Blue/Pink tour, then this would be a logical step. Re-record it, clean it up and it would be viewed as a masterpiece (not that it already isn't). The old-school Weezerheads would be happy, critics would gush over it, and honestly, would offer Rivers some redemption on Pinkerton getting trashed by critics.
I like this thread.....I still like Hurley a lot...especially compared to the past two albums.

I actually enjoy Make Believe quite a bit too...even as simplistic as it is....for me, it's all about consistency and flow. Red and Raditude had neither even though I can think of some songs I liked on both.
I am thinking we are going to just get another Hurley (def. not a bad thing) except another step higher. Same vibe, better music.
man weezersw havin a good time guys, just let em you know what im sayin

I know people are going to hate on you in here but I COMPLETELY and TOTALLY AGREE. On the old forum what made Weezer great was discussed ad nauseum.

I am 38 years old and have been a fan since the get go. My brother and good friend that goes to Weezer shows both unanimously said "Geez...seriously"?

HURLEY IS TERRIBLE! Worse than even RED which I almost thought was a joke?

Rivers? Sir? Where are the start-stop's? Where are the rocking @$$ solo's? Where are the high points that made us all say "YEAH" like in "why bother" great? Where are the personal lyrics like EVERY BIT OF PINKERTON?

I don't want to hear...people change? They have been changing for years, but why not go back to well? I just saw Billy Corgan and even he is trying to recapture his old sound and is pulling it off quite well. Outside of Memories, which would be an average song on Raditude, Hang on, which is the REAL STANDOUT, and Ruling me, which is fairly good, HURLEY is a complete flop...ok maybe not as bad as the last 4 songs on RED but it is absolutely terrible.

"Unspoken" is a perfect example of a song gone bad. It sounds like it will be "acapulco" blended with the excellent and never commercially released "Private Message" but doesn't touch either?

BTSchool, I wonder what your thoughts on Raditude are? My brother and friend and I all agree it is a clear third behind Blue/Pink and outside of Love is the answer, the CD was a very solid effort. A return to the verse-chorus-verse Kurt developed, with the high points Rivers is known for.

I liked Make Believe a lot also and noticed you did not. Outside of "drugs" which could be one of the worst Rivers has ever written...I like the direction. We discussed today the brilliance in the beginning of "Perfect Situation". Yes, I agree, Beverly Hills was a total commerical move but songs like Other way, Damage in your heart, Hold Me, and the quirky Freak me out were and still are very good songs.

I am completely miffed when Rivers leaves off GREAT songs like Ms. Sweeney which would have been the best Red track, Prodigy Lover, the aforementioned Private Message, Untenable, etc.

Its like my buddy David said, "Hey if they keep putting stuff out and a clunker cd comes along, so what, we still have 3-4 good songs, and they are still together". I agree, I just know Rivers has it in him. He can talk about being old without sounding old. He can talk about marriage, life, even his uncommon views on life and I think his fans would eat it up...but what he is doing is running off people like you and I BacktoSchool for the 16 year old that won't be able to buy a ticket because music is now 'shared' instead of bought. Can you imagine being 16 right now and never experienced buying $100 worth of music in a month like you and I used to spend??

Your thoughts sir?
I mean, just listening to Holiday...that song is so well written and executed. It truly sounds larger than life- in those days Rivers was writing huge stadium rock anthems that weren't DUMB. He had the perfect formula already with tunes like Buddy Holly, The World Has Turned, Holiday, Why Bother, etc. It's like we're in some bizarro world and a guy who looks like Rivers and sort of sounds like him sometimes has taken over the band and now entertains every bad idea and flight of fancy he comes up with. For a guy who spent years in a room painted black working through the pop songwriting formula, his output this last decade sounds incredibly undisciplined and scattershot.

And as for Make Believe- I really don't like it at all. I feel like lyrically it's a very immature re-take on some of the situational relationship writing from the first two records, but it has none of the clever lyrical turns and none of the self-awareness. The intro to "Perfect Situation" is alright...but then the song starts and those lyrics and his vocal approach make me cringe. It's like a male version of a Kelly Clarkson tune or something.

Also, I can't stand what he did to voice starting with the Green album. He has never quite recovered the power and edge that his voice used to have, even if his singing now has better breath support. I mean that scream on Memories sounds so stilted and weak compared to Tired of Sex.

I'm pretty take no prisoners about Weezer, though. I honestly feel like everything good about them stopped the moment Rivers decided not to use the ss2k songs for the 3rd album. Preacher's Son, Your Sister, Slob, Modern Dukes, On The Edge, Mad Kow...that could have been a damn good record, especially if it retained the raw and ballsy sound those tunes had when they were playing them live, before Rivers decided to totally change his singing approach and start letting TLA work his black magic on their albums. Hell, even "Cryin and Lonely" sounded pretty cool on rehearsals but the actual recorded result sounds lame. And from there the guy just got more and more antagonistic to his old fans and started writing increasingly worse material. It's puzzling.

And now I'm supposed to regard Hurley as their return to form? Hell naw! This totally sounds like some cheesy epitaph/drive-thru s***. Like "A Newfound Glory" or something.

I can't say I 'hate' everything since Blue/Pink at all, because there is a little bit of good on everything. I agree lyrics like in "Perfect Situation" are like an Ozma wannabe song, but the song structure is on par. Good build up, a high point, and a good catchy chorus.

I think Rivers had to do Green the way it was done for confidence sake. Its funny you were talking about the Green Era songs. I absolutely loved Sugar Booger and Always a bunch. Do you remember the first "we go together" attempt that starts with "its getting kind of jungly in here"...?

I love this exchange. As a guy in his 30s that has been around since the start I can honestly say that I don't recognize this band anymore. Lyrically, the maturity is lacking. The best line Rivers ever wrote is "the world has turned and left me here just where I was before you appeared".  I still haven't found a better metaphor for having your heart broken. I've been screaming for them to re-record SFTBH and release it new. When Rivers started leaking the lyrics and sheet music I knew then he wanted to put out that album and they should. It would be a big ripple in music much like Blue was. 
People, please stop dissing Weezer, especially Rivers!!! Why in the world are you doing on here if you just want to trash them? Nobody wants eight Pinkerton-esque albums. While Pinkerton is a great album, all they're other stuff is great too. It's Weezer, how could you not love it?

Anyway, do you even think that same guy who wrote Pork and Beans is going to care what the heck we think?

Listen, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I'm getting sick and tired of Pinkerton obbessers who hate every other Weezer album besides Blue and Pink.
I've fenced with you before, BTS, so I won't go into too much of a book. ;)
Holiday... I agree. That song is what pure joy sounds like as an instant-for-instant musical interpretation. As I've said before, I'm not a musician, but I understand the musical differences you're talking about.
That said, I'd really not like to imagine Rivers... or any human being... locking themselves into a room with all-black painted walls. If that's what it takes for him to make insanely and meticulously detailed music, then I'll pass it up. Nobody deserves to live or feel like that.
I've also been thinking about something else... how many times have you listened to Pinkerton? Probably as many times as I have... or, likely, many more (and that would be a LOT). Have you given every other album just as many listens, to pick out all the details? Just food for thought (don't scalp me).
Like I said before, I enjoy just about everything Weezer has ever done, because I enjoy the people who have created the music itself. Hurley might be completely different from any other disc, but I like it very much just the same. Because the same people who invented all the other music that I love, invented this. And I love it, too.
(Oh look, it ended up as a book, anyway...)
I bought Pink in '96 when it was released and didn't like it. Over a little time I appreciated it for what it was, an epic, dark, truly emotional album. A lot of the newer fans feel that way about the record.  Thats cool, though. Not saying I'm a better fan at all just that I've noticed a lot of the younger fans have a different view of pink than some of us geezers have. 
YES....I too bought it when it came out and was initiAlly disappointed. I was looking forward to it more than any other album. I also hit a point after avoiding it that I went back and then couldn't stop listening to it....but was so happy when Green came out. Sometimes you just want to sit back and rock it out with a band that does that so well. 

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