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moving on, what are the good people of atnw up to this weekend?


i've got a deadline to finish a project by the end of the month so this'll be the third weekend i've had to work :/  buuuuuuut i'm going out to dinner for my bro-in-law's birthday on sunday. also, i'm taking monday off \o/


what's cookin', atnw?

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Nothing planned. Just the usual. Taking care of the kids, studying and hopefully getting some sleep.


On a side note, I got to dissect a cat in class the other day. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

tonight:  let my aching body recover from these past 9 days of cutting down trees...look for cheap*** Lady Gaga tickets on craigslist for Miranda's b-day.


tomorrow:  jiu-jitsu in the morning, go to my favorite sub shop for a tuna melt (not recommended, tuna contains HIGH levels of mercury and PCBs), prob hang out with my old university pals. 


Sunday: ? i dont know....maybe work.


Monday:  although it is a national holiday, i will work.  but i will still pay my respects to certain presidents, mainly TJ, Abe, G.W., JFK, FDR, Teddy and Clinton




***No Lady Gaga ticket is actually "cheap", some are just less expensive than others

OMG TUNA HAS WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i eat so much tuna sushi i'm going to look like the silver surfer if i live long enough
im gonna watch hee haw and practice with the band
Only for the Union Pukes

hintofcoolness said:

3 day weekend for many of us here in the U.S.


Tonight: work, gym, dinner, gettin' some lovin'.

Tomorrow: I am going to go see the Cake concert at the Troubadour. More lovin'.

Sunday: Sleep, going dancing. More lovin'.

Monday: Day off. Gym, sleep. Maybe more lovin'.


i met the band

edgey44 said:
sat -reel big fish at newcastle,

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