I can't even describe how bad this is.

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Sweet Jones said:

Pork and Frejoles(x

*Blowin the greatest man that ever lived

*Tierd of sex in da garage

*Jamiee got crab

 Susanne got drugs


I can't even describe how bad this is.

placemats said:
I can't even describe how bad this is.

My personal favorite is Perfect Sunshine, but I have a few other ones:

The World Has Turned and Left Susanne Here

Miss Jamie

Lullaby for The Greatest Man that Ever Lived

My Name is Buddy Holly

Tired of Butterfly

and last but not least, My Best Hash Pipe.

Glorious Dope

Getting Up and Falling For You

Undone-The Teenage Victory Song

I like Wondering if I want you to (why bother?) and Pink Pig... Longtime Miss Sweeney and you can't forget The slob has turned across the sea and Say it aint Susanne... dey my faaaaves



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