I can't even describe how bad this is.

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Hahaha, that's hilarious. I love Omegle.
What's wrong with it? My favorite songs are Beverly Holly and Dope Explosion. Can someone explain what is wrong?
I disagree. I prefer Undone - The Situation Song and We Are All On Beans.
I like Everybody Get In The Garage.
The World Has Turned and Left Me The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

I like My Name Is Jamie.

Oh, and Only in December.

Smurph Wax Argentina is good too.

Only in Autopilot?

Keep the Damage in Your Heart?

No Other Memories?

You Gave Me Your Butterfly To Me Softly?

Cold Dark King?

The possibilities are endless!

haha omg that's ridiculous
"The Prettiest Man Who Ever Lived in the Whole Wide World"

"Only in Beans"

"If You're Wondering if I Want You to Blow My Stack (I Want You To)"

"Tired of Sex in the Mall"

"I Just Threw Out the Hash of My Dreams"

"Where's My Dope?"


I'm glad to see what this has become :D
We should keep this going.
El Troublemaker
Say it ain't in the garage
Buddy Jonas
Run over by train wrecks

Pork and Frejoles(x

*Blowin the greatest man that ever lived

*Tierd of sex in da garage

*Jamiee got crab



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