Browsing record stores:  We don't have any here.

Listening to music w/o distractions:  Hubby and I were sitting on the couch listening to an album the other day and realized, wow, we never do this anymore.  You know, just sit, relax and take it all in.

Sitting on the porch:  Used to live in an older home with a big porch where we would often hang out.  Now we just have a simple walkway.

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sleeping until noon on a tuesday

buying CD's from The Wiz (seriously 15 years ago they were a lot cheaper)

downloading albums from soulseek

tackle football (american) on asphalt





fighting with my brother

playing football everyday rain or shine

being in school

playing danger wank

going home to my own house every night :/

now i just go home on weekends.

Come to VA and I'll take you to an amazing record store. Gems everywhere there.

Thanks for the offer Chombers.  My brother-in-law lives in Virginia and the hubby wants to eventually return for a visit and some Civil War sightseeing.  So maybe someday, ya never know...

My ex-girlfriend from college. Sadly, she didn't age well.

Planning my trips to Rainbow Land and Care-A-Lot 

Building forts and tunnels for capture the flag in my living room 

Road trips and excursions  

Mommy and daddy never built forts with me :(

or hug me enough

You can build a fort at our house.  Then we'll play nerf wars.  We have a whole arsenal.  Maybe I'll even make you cupcakes.


then ill give you a hug

oooh me 2 I want in on this 

I can bring extra building supplies (cushions and sheets).... we can make it massive!!!

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