(yeah, i know - bad grammar. sue me).


what are the things that've gotten you hooked lately? could be a new song, a person, a chocolate bar, a tv show you're started watching, visiting a place...


moi: chocolate buttons. gotta have them in the fridge for a while first. they're just plain chocolate discs which doesn't sound too amazing but, for some reason, i'm just totally into them right now. i guess it's not as heavy as eating a whole bar of chocolate.


also: pointless. i've been sky+'ing it every day :) best. quiz. show. EVER!







































































































* people responding along the lines of 'sex!' or 'crack!!!!1' will instantly be deemed chronically unfunny and will be docked 50 million cool points.

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revolver ocelot ◕‿◕ [berry] said:

Dr. B. Lurkom, PhD said:
Be more Scottish. I dare you.

Indiekid said:
Nutella, Italian food, vanilla stoli + coke, throwing myself pity parties.

Lately my weekends seem to consist of all of these. 

Oh, I'm also currently addicted to the Mini Tigs. I blame Blake for that.
I second that addiction. I'm also addicted to my puppy, BowieImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Luigi-sp26 said:
also...David Bowie

I like your new user name, but it would be cooler if you dropped the "Girl".  Cute pup.

haribo tangtastics


(the bbc series not the crappy films).
You ;)

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