go ahead, brag away!


--i have a really fantastic ass.

--i have awesome hair.

--i am a really good listener.

--i can out spell just about anyone i've ever met.

--i make a mean batch of peanut butter snicker cookies.



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- I have really cool hazel eyes.

- I'm a good cook

- I take care of a three-year-old and a two-month-old all day and I haven't lost my mind yet. At least not ALL of it. 

- I'm a very loyal friend.

Phew, that was hard! Oh, and glad to see you survived, Kayla. I keep seeing all this crazy footage on the news about the snow in Chicago and I've been thinking about you. :)

I'll be the judge of this.


Kayla Yost said:

--i have a really fantastic ass.
Wow, Kayla. You and I have the exact same things that make us awesome! (especially the first one)

-I'm a good speller.


-I have naturally long eyelashes.



I hope you don't mind... I'm doing mine in photos since photos are pretty much my life.


My pride (my two sons):


My joy (my photography.. this person is not me but I did take the photo)

My passion (weather/nature photography)

My love (weezer of course)

I'm a major goofball and very easy going

..and I can multitask (I took this pic yet somehow I'm the bridesmaid w/the glasses...)



jklein, your boys look like rockstars! awesome.

I am honest

I am kind

I am mother to two wonderful girls

I am wife to a great man

I am a good cook/baker

I like to make people laugh


OH GAWD, really?


Haha OK.


But to be fair, let's start out with some negatives:


-I am a horrible cook.

-I know very little about fixing cars and am therefore not manly.

-I can have a pretty bad temper if you get me going.

-I suck at math.

-I have an awful sense of direction.

-I attract the wrong girls, and I'm attracted to the wrong girls. :P

-As a corollary, I have no kids (as far as I know.) I would like to be a dad someday.

-I'm a relatively "demanding" lover, not for everyone lol

-Sometimes I really need to just STFU. Like now, probably.


Let the bragging begin:


-I'm a lawyer, but I'm proud that you'd never figure that out if you saw me on the street. I hate lawyers.

-Like Jon, I have a really fantastic arse, and am also a very good martial artist (Jujitsu.) I won the West Coast Jujitsu championships looooooong ago when I fought competitively, and have thankfully only gotten into 3 actual real fights in the last 20 years. Won them all.

-I work out quite a bit because I'm old. But I get results, so that's a plus.

-I have blue eyes. People seem to like the blue eyes darker hair combo. I dunno.

-I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad.

-I play a mean guitar and am decent at bass. Played in a band for several years during college and we were  moderately successful (depending on your definition of successful.) Either way it was fun and a wild ride.

-I have lots of artistic hobbies and a bit of skill to boot, but they are skills I chose not to develop... so I am pretty good at several things, but unfortunately a master of only a few (if any at all.) These include, drawing, painting, writing...pretty much anything artistic. Also decent at video editing.

-I'm good at languages. I speak Greek, French, working on Japanese, and sometimes me even speak English good.

-I'm half-dork (or maybe all dork, I dunno) which means I have some dorky hobbies which I love. I see this as a plus. Comics not so much anymore, but I watch Anime regularly (adore the genre) and still play my PS3, PSP, DS, and sometimes my Xbox. I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres of literature and film, and cosmology fascinates me (I wish I were better at math so I could understand more.) Carl Sagan is the man.

-I have saved a raccoon's life with the assistance of Aegeantyphoon.

-I have saved a girl's life, or at least saved her from serious bodily injury.

-I own my home (thanks to inheriting it from my great-uncle.)

-I financially support my mom, as she has lupus and hasn't worked in 30 years and as my dad is essentially paycheck to paycheck. The flip side is that of course she resides in my aforementioned home.

-I have a timeshare in Hawaii (thanks to my folks for getting a good deal back in the 1970s)

-I will have some property in Greece, as I am the last of my line pretty much, no first cousins, and my aunt and uncle in Greece adore me. :P

-Getting better at fixing s*** around the house. Typhoon's quite the handy man and I've learned quite a bit.

-Still a very good basketball player.

-I don't wear, nor have ever worn, any Ed Hardy products.

-I'm told I have a good sense of humor.

-I have never been unfaithful.

-I have female friends and the relationships are, in fact, platonic. (I don't believe in the When Harry Met Sally theory.)

-I'm good at anatomy. Muahahahaha.

-I'm real modest.





I am told I have a good sense of humor (by myself).


my mom says I'm handsome


I am told I have a good sense of humor (by myself).


no need, she's right

Sean_e_b said:

I'll be the judge of this.


Kayla Yost said:

--i have a really fantastic ass.

also I couldn't find "out spell" in any dictionary but I DID find this ;)



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