I had low expectations for a compilation of songs that weren't good enough to be on an album or even a B-side. But I was hoping for a few decent songs. No such luck. The only thing worth hearing is "unbreak my heart" as Rivers comically fails to sing like a black woman.

I'm not one of those people that only likes their first two albums, though I do think that some of their more recent output has been a little disappointing. But this compilation is a whole different matter. This legitimately dilutes the already-diluted quality-pool that we listeners are swimming in.

Weezer probably thinks that its hardcore fans would love to hear these undiscovered 'gems'. But when the 'gems' are this bad, keep them to yourself. "Devotion" is a gem. "I'm a Robot" is NOT a gem.

Weezer needs some tough love

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'Death to False Metal' is too popped-up in my opinion. It's not that I don't love a good poppy Weezer, it's just that re-recording them in their original style would have been a better idea just to show the diversity of Weezer's career and such.

But it's fun, and solid as a compilations album needs to be. I would love to hear all the unreleased demos rerecorded on albums like this (maybe SFTBH too?), but for b-sides and acoustic and radio edits and alternate versions, etc. etc. I think deluxe editions suit that well. Praying for a Green album and 'Maladroit' deluxe with all kinds of goodies, b-sides and SS2k demos soon.

But as for now, no reason really to lodge such a complaint against DTMF

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