Hi there!

I'm new to this board but def. not a new Weezer fan. I've been a fan since 1994.

I was wondering if anyone on here has went to any of the shows during this current tour.

How was it? Did they sing the entire blue/pinkerton album? Did they do any of their other songs?

The other thing I was wondering about was the VIP passes. Has anyone on here purchased one and has already used it? It's kinda expensive but I've never met anyone famous before and I'd be happy if Weezer were the only celebs I'll ever meet.

Did you get to meet all 4 band members? Was just a quick handshake and move on? About the photo op-- do you really get a chance to snap a photo with the whole band or was it just a if you're lucky to catch one of them type of thing? Were you allowed to bring your camera into the concert itself? Was the pre-party anything to write home about? Were the band members there?

Sorry for all of the questions. This is the first real concert I've ever been to and just need a few things answered.

Thanks a ton to whoever is patient enough to read and answer all of this!


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The first concert of the memories tour is November 26th, so there aren't really answers to most of those. But what we do know, is that blue or pinkerton (depending on the day) will be played in its entirety, and after that they will play some "greatest hits" from the other albums.
I bought the VIP 2 night package for Chicago and it's the first time I've ever done anything like that. I'm really hoping it's worth it.
Oh shoot, sorry about that!! I didn't realize it hadn't started yet. I just saw my date and thought it had been going on for awhile since there was nothing after that. Thanks for the replies! Stefan-- it's Chicago I'm wanting to go to as well.
I'm sure it will be worth it Jessica. If I could afford it right now I would definitely get the VIP tix. I just got regular general admission tix for the Chicago Pinkerton show.
Don't be a sucker.
Well.. this is devastating.. ticketmaster is showing that they have zero GA seats left (like the regular seats, not floor or whatever) and they only have a few of the more expensive ones left... and they've sold out of the VIP passes for the 2 nighter and the blue album night and they still have it left (but Lord only knows for how long) for Pinkerton. Well my best friend who was supposed to go w/me lives 13 hours away but she visits Illinois often. She was originally (before the concert talk) going to come back up on like Jan 8th or something like that. She was going to attempt to come back up on the 2nd so that we could go but her chances are slim. We can't wait around to see due to the tickets almost being sold out. I'm frustrated. I've wanted to see Weezer live for over 10 years now :( (been a fan for 17 yrs but I was only 9 when I started liking them, LOL) so I'm frustrated. :(

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