I am trying to figure out this new site !

will probably stick with A6 for now 
this is just a ning page that is kind of sad also where is the recording history? : [ 

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watching weeds!
This site... is new, that's for sure. I'm sure it'll improve with time. Like a grade-school dance.
I am currently on a website named Allthingsweezer.com

I freakin' love it!
about to head to school, bye
I thought your avatar was my personal picture. As we were at the same place and took similar pictures. Anyway, I'm in Texas after having been traveling for like 24 hours. HURRAH!
i cut my thumb :(
Sitting in class, preparing to take notes.
Being excruciatingly lazy.

Listening to music from Fantasia 2000.

Just finished some leftover mac and cheese.

Wanting a nap badly.
i heard its an evil dark place run by ninja dwarfs

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