I know there have been a bunch of topics about the cruise at this point, but I think it's important to have a setlist one.


The Weezer Cruise - Day 1 - Main Lido Deck

Greatest Hits & Covers Set::

  1. Hash Pipe
  2. Perfect Situation
  3. (If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To
  4. Photograph
  5. Dope Nose
  6. Blast Off!
  7. Paranoid Android [Radiohead Cover]
  8. Island in the Sun
  9. Beverly Hills
  10. Pork and Beans


Weezer (1994) -- The Blue Album::

  1. My Name is Jonas
  2. No One Else
  3. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
  4. Buddy Holly
  5. Undone -- The Sweater Song
  6. Surf Wax America
  7. Say it Ain't So
  8. In the Garage
  9. Holiday
  10. Only in Dreams


The Memories thing is cool to see I'm sure for those on the Weezer Cruise, and I think the first set makes sense too, to get all the "hits" out of the way.  Now we know what WON'T be played on nights two and three.  Any speculation on that?


I find it strange that they consider "Blast Off!" a greatest hit and not a rarity.  Also, I don't know that the "Paranoid Android" cover is well-placed, being that it is a cover.



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placemats said:

I never said the guys weren't approachable.  I said they weren't on vacation.  Bands take vacations to get away from fans, not to spend time with them.

Amanda McKittenmitten said:

that thing that you quoted was about one of the most crowded events that happened. the cruise was 4 days long, the 80s prom lasted like 3 hours. i saw all of the band members walking around on the ship like normal people during the cruise. they were approachable and spent a lot of time talking to and interacting with folks. normal dudes.


placemats said:

"....Rivers came in, wearing his oversized white ship captain’s outfit. He looked impossibly, adorably boyish (seriously, does the man ever age? He's the D*** Clark of rock) and was flanked by Sixthman employees. He was mobbed immediately, of course. This was really the first time I’d seen him out among us so it was bound to happen. He tried to walk around but he was absolutely smushed in with people."


"Sure, Rivers and co hid a bit between events (and Brian Bell glared when approached at the fast-food buffet line), but the rest of the bands mingled and sets were generally stellar."


Doesn't sound like they were just dudes on vacation to me...

Amanda McKittenmitten said:

i concur. the whole thing was awesome. it was the best vacation i have ever had. the band was very accessible and friendly and they did not have security in tow. they were just dudes on vacation.

there are few things that irritate me more than someone saying anything bad about karl. dude works his ass off to make sure that we are informed, that we have new pictures, new videos. trash talking him is so insanely disrespectful. 

Daniel [bleed0range] said:

Just wanted to say that I thought the cruise was perfect.  The activities were fun, there was always something to do.  The shows were great, not just in waht they played but in the performances as well.  The best Weezer have sounded in a long time!  It was cool that fans were able to walk right up to band members and talk to them, especially cool for those who made it to the 80s prom night party.

All in all I felt it was worth every penny.  Best vacation ever.

The cruise was simply amazing! Best. Vacation. EVER!!!

As great as it was the Paranoid Android addition to the Greatest Hits set was strange.

Still, what a great night this was, they were on fire!

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