We finally made it!  After 3 months, over 2000 votes, and over 100 Weezer songs......we are left with 10 amazing songs. They survived each round and were never voted out. That won't all survive here......as there will only be 1 Ultimate winner!  Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are only 10 songs, the only round I will eliminate 2 songs is in round 1.  Remember when we get down to the final 2 songs, we vote to win.  Songs are listed in alphabetical order.


1. Across the Sea (2ND PLACE  )

2. Blowin' My Stack (Eliminated Round 1)

3. Burndt Jamb (Eliminated Round 3)

4. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Eliminated Round 6)

5. Island in the Sun (Eliminated Round 4)

6. Longtime Sunshine (3RD PLACE )

7. Only in Dreams (WINNER!!!)

8. Perfect Situation (Eliminated Round 5)

9. Trippin' Down the Freeway (Eliminated Round 1)

10. Unspoken (Eliminated Round 2) 


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across the sea


Longtime Sunshine.
Across the sea  :(
Longtime Sunshine

With 13 votes, Longtime Sunshine goes out in 3rd place. That's a great accomplishment for a song that wasn't on one of Weezer's  9 regular albums.  Here we go! It all comes down to this! Which song will go down in history as the Ultimate Weezer Song?  Remember now we vote to WIN. Please write "to win" or ftw after your song selection. This will help avoid any confusion.........as there have been some new voters for the Ultimate game. 


1. Across the Sea

7. Only in Dreams


Longtime Sunshine (3RD PLACE )

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Eliminated Round 6)

Perfect Situation (Eliminated Round 5)

Island in the Sun (Eliminated Round 4)

Burndt Jamb (Eliminated Round 3)

Unspoken (Eliminated Round 2)

Trippin' Down the Freeway (Eliminated Round 1)

Blowin' My Stack (Eliminated Round 1)

Final Round:


Only in Dreams to win

Across the Sea FTW

Only in Dreaaaaaaaaaaaams ftw

Across The SSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Across The Sea For The Win
Only in Dreams FTW
Only in Dreams FTW

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