All shows played in 2011. I wasn't able to find a complete setlist for the show in St-Ephrem-de-Beauce, QC on 07/02/2011 but the rest is all there. Including private (corporate) events.
Nothing too interesting though. Except that every single song off The Blue Album was played live outside of the Memories shows but "Getchoo", "No Other One", "Why Bother?" and "Butterfly" were not. And that more covers were played live than songs off Maldroit, Raditude or Hurley. There is also no song that was played at every single show. That's due to the Memories shows though.

37   Buddy Holly
36   Undone - The Sweater Song
36   Say it Ain’t So
36   Hash Pipe
35   My Name Is Jonas
35   Pork and Beans
35   Island In The Sun
31   (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
30   Perfect Situation
29   Surf Wax America
28   Beverly Hills
24   Dope Nose
23   Paranoid Android
23   Troublemaker
22   Only In Dreams
20   El Scorcho
17   Keep Fishin'
15   Memories
14   In The Garage
13   The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
12   Pink Triangle
12   Holiday
12   No One Else
10   Tired Of Sex
9   Photograph
9   Across The Sea
9   Susanne
9   Pumped Up Kicks
8   The Good Life
8   The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
7   You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
7   Falling For You
7   We Are All On Drugs
5   Butterfly
5   Getchoo
5   No Other One
5   Why Bother?
5   Teenage Dirtbag
3   Jamie
3   Longtime Sunshine
3   I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
3   You Might Think
2   Don't Let Go
1   Unspoken
1   Devotion
1   Blast Off!
1   Kids/Poker Face
1   I Think We're Alone Now

The Blue Album: 35.04%
Pinkerton: 12.25%   
The Green Album: 11.68%
The Red Album: 9.40%
Make Believe: 9.26%
Covers: 5.98%
Maladroit: 5.84%
Raditude: 4.42%
B-Sides: 3.28%
Hurley: 2.28%
Alone I: 0.57%

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Thanks for posting this list on here, Donny. I'd say 2011 has been a very good year. 2012 will be off to a good start with all the b-sides coming up.
Well looking at these, I for am shocked that Hurley and Death to False Metal aren't selling decent numbers.

Thanks for this list!  Unspoken should be played more.


I hope whomever is going to the cruise records the rare b-sides that are going to played, like with what was done for Longtime Sunshine and Blast Off.

I've made a mistake. "I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams" was played 4 times. Not 3.


the correct(ed) precentes are:

The Blue Album: 34.99%
Pinkerton: 12.23%   
The Green Album: 11.66%
The Red Album: 9.39%
Make Believe: 9.25%
Covers: 5.97%
Maladroit: 5.83%
Raditude: 4.41%
B-Sides: 3.41%
Hurley: 2.28%
Alone I: 0.57%



damn, why can't you edit your posts on this site?

looking forward to tragic girl
Thanks for the stats Donny. Pretty interesting to look at the album by album breakdowns.
Thank you for posting! I look forward to rarities and b-sides on the cruise! I'll try to record as much as possible! :)
When did they play I Think We're Alone Now?
Where did they play don't let go?
Night 2 in Tokyo. I thought that was the only time in 2011, so I don't know the other.

Christian Salamy said:
Where did they play don't let go?
Yea I knew about that 1 too, wasn't sure about the other haha

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