So, we're taking the graduation exam this week, and so I have very few seniors in class this period. I also discovered that along with the new website, it's not blocked anymore, so score! of them comes over and says, "Whatchya doin Mrs. Garner? Oh...weezer? What's a weezer?"


WHAT'S A WEEZER???????????? What's become of kids today :(

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>US history teacher noticed my shoelaces and my rubber bracelet
>asked me if I liked Weezer
>told him I loved Weezer
>plays them in class now whenever we have free time
>F*** yeah 

The little ones that attend the children's library where I work are fans of Yo Gabba Gabba. They assume that Weezer are actually insect people. They are especially curious about "the green one" playing the drums.

Yea that.

GuitarGuyTim said:

Man, even my 2 year old knows who Weezer is... These kid's parents need to learn some real parenting skills :)

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