I don't know about anyone else, but I find it annoying that every discussion/thread I reply to automatically has it set to automatically email me when someone else replies.  Is there a way to turn it off so that it doesn't automatically do that?  Because, as it stands and as far as I can tell, I have to manually go through each thread and tell it not to email me.  I have like 50 emails from Weezer in my inbox which is just too many.

I went into the Settings -> Email section and I didn't see anything that would allow me to stop this unless it's the "Don't allow messages from Weezer" option.  Which means it's a little confusing if that's the case.

Can someone clarify/fix this?

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yes. if you click settings and the email you can turn it off.
Which option is it? It's kind of confusing because it doesn't outright say it's going to stop notifying me about replies to threads/discussions. Is it the "Weezer" option I mentioned?
Dan under settings ---> email, i see a long list of things i can tick off or on as to what emeila alerts i get or not. do you get that? it includes these:

Email Notifications

Please correct the following:

Weezer Messages
Email me when I receive...

* A personal message
* A message from Weezer
* A message from one of my events
* A message sent to multiple recipients
* A comment on My Page
* Alerts sent by an app

Requests & Invitations
Email me when I get...

* A friend request
* An event invitation

Content & Members
Email me when...

* My content is featured
* Someone sends me a gift
* Someone I invite joins Weezer
* Anyone joins Weezer
* A member notes why they left
Yeah I eventually figured it out. Thanks though Karl!

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