So what is this metaphorical spider?

What does the song mean to you?


Serious answers please.

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sup Greg
err... Didn't think there was all the much metaphor to it outside of the fairly obvious musings on life and mortality in the context of the feelings of unrequited love. Please don't misinterpret this as me ragging on the song, cause I absolutely love it, but I don't think that the spider is necessarily a metaphor for anything outside of the general sense of powerlessness that everything/everyone feels at some point.

Stefan said:
sup Greg

This article will explain most of it here.  I personally think this is Rivers' way of saying that stardom isn't all that.  I would like to think that this unbalanced relationship he speaks about is with the fans.  How would you feel, trying to produce music, and never being good enough for the fans.  Every album Weezer has released gets worse publicity than the one before.  And in reality, a rock star life would suck.  Thats probably why Rivers is doing more and more in Japan and less in the US.  Call me stupid but that's just my impression.

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