Man oh man are these some really great songs.

People are always craving and raving about wanting SFTBH, the infamous Weezer album that never was. But what about the =w= album post-Maladroit, pre-Make Believe? Album 5. It's an underrated lost album -  we have many of the demos but "Album 5" is an album that was never technically an album, but I'm damn glad we have the demos.

They are quality Weezer songs, great riffs, awesome melodies and catchy choruses.

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I really like "Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone" and "Hey Domingo". But I still can't get my head wrapped around "Mansion of Cardboard". No matter how much I listen to it.
Has everyone forgotten about "Queen Of Earth"???
I haven't listened to that in probably a year. So, yes.

ILoveEveryone said:
Has everyone forgotten about "Queen Of Earth"???
i love QoE

ILoveEveryone said:
Has everyone forgotten about "Queen Of Earth"???
I f'n love Mo Beats, Hey Domingo, Prodigy Lover...the list goes on. So damn good.
I didn't forget QoE. I intentionally neglected it. Not feelin' it, at all.
Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone.

That one.
I forgot about this Mad Kow demo. And now I remember what my complaint was. Not the music, but the way Rivers chose to sing it compared to how he was singing it before. And it's most likely because they did it in a different key. Still don't like most of this vocal performance.

This arrangement is not bad though, although the piano is cheesy as can be during the chorus.

Still, the energy of the old 2000 live version is preferable to me.
I get what you're saying, I just always referred to the demos as "Early Album 5" and not as an album that never actually came out. It's different enough and there is enough of it to be it's own thing.

Hayley [Weezer_Child] said:
It's a technicality. Make believe was =w='s 5th studio album, but the demos for "Album 5" that were scrapped, and then there were secret demos... are part of the "missing album" - in way there is a enough material demoed to make many, many albums.

Daniel [bleed0range] said:
Album 5 did happen, it was Make Believe haha.

But yeah, I guess some of those demos are okay. I think I like the one about Matt Sharp (supposedly) the best, Prodigy Lover... then Private Message and Hey! Domingo!

But everything else was kind of blah IMO. And even the ones I like aren't amazing songs, though I think the instrumentation was pretty creative.
aaaaaah.... I'm trying to show you a hint of my coolness

gotta agree some really great songs from that era, if only a few had made Make Believe in place of some of its weaker

wasn't huge on the versions with piano though

P.S. also a Queen of Earth fan, great vibe

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