I'm going to state it upfront, I think River's should ditch the nerd glasses grow the beard back and get taken seriously with his music again.


You'd be surprised how many people out there think he's just a joke musician because of his act he puts on. Why not just be normal? Wear normal glasses or none at all? Grow the sick beard back...

Who's with me? Bring normal Rivers back!

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I like the beard around the length he's got it in this picture, looks good on him. Wouldn't mind seeing that come back.  Sometimes I miss the mustache.  Should I? haha.  Not too into the maladroit length hermit beard though haha. 

But regarding the glasses,  I feel like the glasses are becoming more of a stage prop at this point then a necessity.  Rivers got laser eye surgery but he still uses regular glasses sometimes for some reason, so I'm not sure if it's because his vision isn't perfect 20/20 or not.  But he doesn't seem to wear the horn rimmed glasses anywhere but the stage, and he doesn't wear them usually during Blue or Pinkerton Memories sets.  So it seems they really are just a prop. I know at one time Rivers stated that he felt the "buddy holly" glasses were becoming a gimmick.  I feel they are close to becoming one now.  Besides, these days I think he looks better in normal glasses even if he is strongly associated with the horn-rimmed ones.

...via a 2006 fan interview found right here (click!):

Joey, Snellville, Georgia: Are those glasses and sweaters really you, or was it a gimmick?

Rivers: The glasses were really me but then they started to feel like a gimmick so I stopped wearing them. Im not sure what you mean by sweaters. I wear sweaters when Im cold.

yeah, I think the nerd get up is doing a disservice nowadays. Just be normal..imo
People know he's not a 40 something year old nerd anymore so there's no reason to play the part.

This is a real beard.

The fact that this exists is hillarious...

Timeline of Rivers Cuomo's Appearance - (This is a list of the several hairstyles and facial hairstyles that Rivers Cuomo has appeared with.)

The Dave Grohl look is acceptable.

Hedgey said:

This is a real beard.

so you think it's the look that makes people not take the music seriously...interesting theory. Wrong, but still interesting

No i'm saying he needs to stop putting on an act and just be himself. It's not the reason people don't take him seriously but it's part of it.

what act is he putting on? what is normal?

Pedo stach FTW!

 TMML Farkas 

He should have done the captain Jack Sparrow for the cruise....maybe next time...

I am a fan of the beard... not going to lie, but I also am a fan of the glasses. 

The I need to wear black rimmed glasses act because of my fans, the I'm a nerd act. He isn't a nerd and hasn't been for a long time. He's a family guy he's in his 40's.

Don't try to connect with young kids anymore, write serious music, and put out a serious image.

It's not that hard to 'get'.....

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