we haven't had one of these in a while so why not?

tonight: watching the olympics opening ceremony
tomorrow: going on a steam railway then dinner in honour of my friend who is leaving for a new job in canada
sunday: bbq if weather is good, cinema
next week: week off work :D

how about you? what're you doing this weekend, atnw?

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Collingwood Ontario's Annual Elvis Tribute Festival with my family.

Probably going to lock myself in a closet with some headphones and watch a tv series or read a good book.

tonight: dunno. dinner out i suppose.
tomorrow: driving down to la jolla for a wedding, attending a wedding, getting drunk at a wedding reception.
the next day: wishing i hadn't gotten so drunk at that wedding, driving home.

friday 9am - flight to portugal

newcastle playing, beer drinking, sleeping on a roof of a building :-/ drunken swimming, blagging everything possible

sunday - 4pm back home


friday - tbd.  probably nothing.  will probably be bedridden.

saturday - same as friday

sunday - same as saturday

i think with all the traveling i have done, i deserve to have some time off to do nothing.  it has taken a toll on me.

Amazing Harry [Jupiter 80] said:

friday - not being on weezer.com

saturday - same as friday

sunday - same as saturday


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