Listening to the deluxe vinyl of the Red Album right now.  

I know the band needed to spice things up during the making of this album, with songs like Thought I Knew, Cold Dark World, and Automatic by letting Brian, Scott, and Pat have a lot more input than usual, but it kills me that most of the deluxe tracks are not on the album.  In my opinion, Miss Sweeney, Pig, and The Spider are some of the greatest post-pink tracks, I would of loved to see those make the tracklist.  

What do you guys think?  Discuss... 


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i agree with the bonus tracks. i like all of those bonus tracks a lot, pig in particular. i have the deluxe version, so it doesn't bother me as much i suppose, because at least they're there. i also agree that those are some of the best post-pinkerton tracks.
It just kills me that they didn't make the album, since that is what the critics look at. I just feel like the album would of been more well received if those tracks made it on the actual record... even though Geffen said that version was "too slow" :/
it's either really good or really bad... I'm interested though. Was that on Deliverance at Hand?
To me, and I don't understand how every single Weezer fan don't agree with this, the music made for the Red Album was the band's true return to form. Troublemaker, Greatest Man, Pork and Beans, Dreamin', and the Angel and the One are all CLASSIC Weezer. The feel, the sound, the production, the style. It is the same band that wrote the Blue Album and Pinkerton, albeit a decade later. Those are the songs I expect from The Blue Album band 10 years down the road from then. Pig, the Spider, and Miss Sweeney are is the same league with those 5. Although I don't think Heart Songs and Everybody Get Dangerous (except for it's fantastic, very Weezer coda) are up to the same standards as the others I've mentioned, they still feel like Weezer songs.

Throw in Pig, the Spider, and Miss Sweeney instead of Thought I Knew, Cold Dark World, and Automatic and we have such a fantastic WEEZER album. Sure, it may have a fair amount of slow songs. But it would have been their undisputed third best album. I still believe that the Red Album is the band's third best, because of it's strengths, but if these substitutions were made, it would have been very difficult to argue otherwise.
Yep I agree. Miss Sweeney, Pig and The Spider are incredible. Miss Sweeney in particular is one of my favourites, lets not forget King, I like that aswell.
It's a shame they aren't on the main album because I do prefer them to a lot of the songs on Red.
But it doesn't matter I guess, as you can just get the deluxe, ha.
Totally agree with you man, I have a hard time calling it my third best just because the deluxe tracks didn't make the record. Like you said though, if they were on the album this would be my undisputed third favorite Weezer record.

But if they had to make the album they made to keep the band alive, I have no problem with that. I'd rather have Weezer around than not.
but it would make the album that much better if they deluxe tracks made it on the actual album
Yeah I do agree with that.
You'd have a bloody good album if you removed a couple of the songs and replaced them with those 4, as the person above said.
I would also be very interested to see how the Rivers-sung King sounds. I could see that possibly being better than Heart Songs or Everybody Gets Dangerous. But regardless if the substitutions were made, I think Heart Songs and Everybody Gets Dangerous would simply seem much better, brought up by the rest of the album.
king was really good, i also like the cover of 'the weight'
there is a version of Rivers singing lead on cold dark world
I feel like everyone is ignoring "King" which is a phenomenal track.

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