Listening to the deluxe vinyl of the Red Album right now.  

I know the band needed to spice things up during the making of this album, with songs like Thought I Knew, Cold Dark World, and Automatic by letting Brian, Scott, and Pat have a lot more input than usual, but it kills me that most of the deluxe tracks are not on the album.  In my opinion, Miss Sweeney, Pig, and The Spider are some of the greatest post-pink tracks, I would of loved to see those make the tracklist.  

What do you guys think?  Discuss... 


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The Red Album had the potential to be one of the best if it weren't for the four mediocre songs. 
Personally I like Cold Dark World, I just wish Rivers would've been the one to sing it. Obviously everything is a lot better with Rivers' voice. Not trying to diss Scott or anything, he has a good voice. Rivers' voice is just golden. :)
the red album is one of their best albums, front to back.

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