So, Here I want you guys to tell me what you think about the Red Album? Tell me your favorite songs off the album, what your views are on the album. For me, My favorite song is "Dreamin' " and I actually really like the album the thing I'm not very fond about the album is the song "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is just doesn't fit Weezer I think. But over all its a great album! Now, what do you think??? =w=

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Pork and Beans is my favorite song at the time. All Weezer is good. I do not currently own the album, but it will be the next one that I get.
The Red Album was extremely disappointing.  When I first heard "Pork and Beans" and "The Greatest Man..." I was thinking this was a return to their former glory, and I anticipated this album to be the best one since Pinkerton.  Boy was I wrong!  Out of all of their albums this was one of their most disappointing.  In Weezer history there have only been 2 times where my expectations were dropped from such great heights: the Green Album and the Red album.  I expected a lot from this album and I was just so completely turned off by this album that I barely even listened to it properly until after Raditude hit.  After purchasing the debacle that was Raditude, I went back and listened to the Red Album and found it more tolerable than I previously had.  I gave it a fair chance, and it's not a terrible album.  It's just very inconsisent, a problem Maladroit had.  It had very high notes but also some very low ones.  Out of the standard 10 songs, I really like maybe 5 and the other 5 I barely even listen to.  I do, however, love the "bonus" songs and I still can't believe they weren't included on the regular album.  Overall, to be as unbiased as possible, I'd give this album a 6/10, which to me is below average.  The good thing (if you want to call it that) is that this album dropped my expectations so low from disappointment, that I didn't even feel the sting from Raditude.  The sad thing is that my expectations for Raditude were already extremely low, yet the album didn't even meet those expectations.  Sad.

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