I've noticed, beginning with the Red Album, Weezer started to get a little philosophical, with songs like Pig, Spider, the pompous TGMTEL, and The Angel and the One.  Raditude had the quite serious "Love is the Answer" and then Hurley has book-ends "Time Flies" and "Memories."  It seems as if as Rivers grows older, his creativity in songwriting is going more towards the analysis of emotions then emotions themselves.  I would like to see a Weezer album in the future that is focused only on these philosophical excerpts, something like, The Soft Bulletin.  Back in the day Rivers wanted to write a space opera, why not write a pop enlightenment symphony, 10 perfect tracks of philosophical digressions in the pop music form, in the eastern aphoristic style. It could be solid colored album, and sprout about a whole series.

If Blue and Pink were emotional,
and Green, Mal, and MB were popsational
and Red Rad and Hurley were confrontational
why can't Yellow and so forth be educational


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so you wasted the time to reply with "i don't care" umm...okay

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