The following guidelines are intended to provide a positive atmosphere to all those that choose to spend time on the message boards and should be used as a reference while posting on the forums. Please read these guidelines before you start posting and follow them to the best of your ability when participating in message board discussion.

BOARD ETIQUETTE encourages discourse and discussion towards all things Weezer related in a community environment. ALL opinions are valid and we welcome you to share your thoughts and opinions with one another through the discussion topics. These forums exist for you to converse about Weezer, to share news and information on the band and to participate in a community where you can engage with other fans. Feel free to hang out, make friends and socialize in our general discussion forum aptly named
All Things Not Weezer.

This message board forum is open to all ages and as such any explicit, obscene, vulgar or offensive graphics or behavior posted is unacceptable on this site. Discussion threads that contain this type of material will be removed. Similarly, all posts or threads that solicit or offer explicit or X-rated images or content will be immediately deleted.  If the offending user continues to post in this manner, he/she will be removed from the forum.  When posting videos or video links, please make sure autoplay is disabled.

Additionally, any posts that contain language that is abusive, offensive, vulgar, harassing, hateful, inflammatory and derogatory communication - especially those aimed at race, religious views, sexual orientation or disability will not be tolerated and is subject to removal. We ask that you respect your fellow board members, board moderators and the band when posting on these forums. It is perfectly acceptable to challenge others' points of view and opinions, but only if you do so in a respectful, thoughtful, and intelligent manner. If need be, agree to disagree and leave it at that. reserves the right to remove posts that do not respect the above guidelines.  If the offending user continues to post in this manner, he/she will be removed from the forum.

SPAM postings of any kind (i.e. advertising your friend's polka band or company products in a way that is off-topic, repeated cut & paste posts etc.) will be removed. Generally spammers are only looking for attention and the worst thing that you can do is give it to them.

Please refrain from posting any material or content that is threatening (to the band or other board members), illegal or content that invades the privacy of others. This includes, but is not limited to, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, school names, personal pictures and private emails, chats or messages.    Spoofing other members' screennames, and attempting to impersonate a moderator/admin/representative of Weezer or, is grounds for immediate suspension. reserves the right to remove an OFF TOPIC thread that does not relate to the topic being discussed in the specific forum it resides in. Certain threads that are off-topic, or that stray too far off-topic, may be moved into the appropriate forum by a moderator. We ask that users try to stay on topic in the appropriate forum as often as possible, and not be too random with their choices of topics for discussion.

Before starting a new discussion topic, please skim thread topics on the first few pages of the forum, or use the Search function, to see if the discussion has already been started. If the discussion already exists, please contribute your thoughts to that thread instead of creating a duplicate topic. This will not only help to keep the forum organized but it will centralize discussion on the same topic into one place instead of having many conversations exist on one subject.

A word on filesharing:
The sharing of copyrighted music files is not allowed on these forums. This includes but is not limited to:
* posting a link to a copyrighted music file
* posting a link to a website where copyrighted music files are available for free download
* offering to give away copyrighted music files

If you are unclear as to what constitutes "copyrighted", that would include any and all weezer (and solo and side projects) music that has appeared (or will appear soon) on any officially produced retail or promotional cd, cassette, vinyl record, dvd, or downloadable release.

Threads where this music is being traded or given away will be deleted.
Members who post such threads and links are subject to being banned.

The band, management and karl are exempt from the above rule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please post them in the
Suggestions / Help Forum, or contact one of your moderators listed below (you can click each screen name to visit their profile, where you can leave a comment on their profile pages or send them a personal message).
To report any offensive or inappropriate posts, please contact any of the admins or mods via direct message.  Do not post publicly in the forum to request that a particular post be deleted.

Administrators (identified with badge shown)

If you need help on the forums, please check in with any of the moderators below before contacting Karl. karl koch [karlophone]

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