I just recently pulled out all my old lego and realized how much freaking fun it is. So then when I went to San Diego I bought a $150 set at legoland. I opened it up today and after like an hour of searching for pieces I learned how terribly bad time has made me at lego building. But I promised myself I'd finish this set.

Someone talk to me about lego. I'm in the mood. 







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I'm not serious about a career in Lego. I do love it, but I'm not nearly good enough. I also want to go to University and find a good job based on past learning and academics.


BUT, if someone was interested in a job with Lego, I think the ideal career would be working for the Lego company and not the amusement parks. Since that article is referring to working as a model builder, it's possible that a set designer would be a much better job regarding all the things that person mentioned. 

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