So I'd like to apologize for dropping in on you guys the way I did. I'm new to forums, so I really have no Idea what to do. I'm a huge Weezer fan, and I'm hoping to join in on a few conversations. 

Now, this probabaly feels like insult to injury, but Go Radio's single, Go to Hell, was released via MTV Buzzworthy. It's really an awesome song and is getting amazing reviews. You can hear it at

If you like it a lot, then you can buy it here:


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new to forums, huh?

your 713 posts at the go radio message board would like a word with you, sam holden, street team member.

stop radio, imo.

I meant that I dont hang around other forums a lot. And buddy, I at least care about the band I'm representing. So you guys can call me spam and give me crap over it. But I've been a Weezer fan since I was 12. Thats 6 years more than my time as a GR fan. And I'm gonna be posting a lot on here these days:)

here's a tip: other forums don't give a f*** about go radio.

This is one of the worst bands we've ever been spammed with, but please, carry on. They'd love to hear you're doing your street team duties even though it's spreading hate.

I'm not trying to offend anyone. It's in human nature to share things we like. If you want me off this forum, just say so and I'm gone.

we want you to stop making threads about go radio. any other non-spam posts you make are probably fine.

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