Crystal Iceburg: 20 cool points.
OnlyinPinkerton: 19 cool points.
mynameisjonus : 15 cool points.
Blurkom: 14 cool points.
G-foo-chombey: 14 cool points.
this_is_a_recording: 10 cool points.
loveisquartz: 10 cool points.
I_Want_Sugar_in_my_tea: 7 cool points.
surfwaxasia: 7 cool point.
RiversFan: 6 cool points.
kgarner2: 5 cool points.
Berryrydell:5 cool points.
hintofcoolness: 4 cool points.
Death_Cab_For_Shitty: 3 cool points.
scotttheweezerfan: 3 cool points.
weezed12345: 2 cool points.
LOLcat: 1.5 cool points.
AvAmelia: 1 cool point.
jeff12_w: 1 cool point.
the dreWILD: 1 cool point.
musiconmymind08: 1 cool point.
winkysmiles: 1 cool point.
MALicious: 1 cool point.
dlh1231: 1 cool point.
suz{ANNE} 1 cool point.
Version 2.0 1 cool point.
blakesp26: 0 cool points.
dopetoes: 0 cool point.
coleywobot: -4 cool point.
Obiblue12345: -20 cool points.


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the walrus is back!!

oh yeah?  maybe this will change your mind......

OnlyinPinkerton said:
Your request has been denied.

blakesp26 said:
can i have -19 cool points then?

OnlyinPinkerton said:

Obi was a 60 year old man pretending to be a 13 year old girl.

You can't possibly be more negative  than that.

blakesp26 said:

i am replying to this thread, but i again refuse to accept cool points.  i am now troubled that people have even LESS cool points than me.  how can i get negative cool points as well?  i assure you that i am less cool than obi....she made up countless stories to get our attention, AND IT WORKED.  if that is not cool, then hell if i know what is.

and you're trying to lose cool points here? i don't quite follow...
damn....i thought i was the only one who thought Buffy was cool.
well i was mostly talking about cordelia in that red shirt, but yeah, buffy is cool too.

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