I'd like to know how the hell this is being called a tour when only 4 cities are being included in 3 states, and only in California and the Northwest.  Couldn't this had just been called "a special 4 city residency", or something else that didn't have to get fans so hyped up, only to be completely let down with the rug pulled out from under them?

I can't put into words how frustrating and disappointing this has been.  To be at an extreme high the past week waiting for dates to be announced, only to be shot down to learn this isn't even really a tour.  To leave out the entire Midwest, the Southern US, and Canada is absolutely ridiculous.  Really, not even one show in Chicago?  At least that way other Midwesteners might have a more legitimate chance of making a show, and now the only way for them is to travel 15 hours and spend an exorbitant amount of money to get there. 

This pill would've been a lot easier to swallow if it wasn't so hyped up as a full tour, and instead a special series of shows.  I just want to know from somebody, Rivers, or ever else is reading this, why entire regions of the Weezer fanbase in North America has been excluded.

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So this has come to my attention:


No mention of NYC dates. What the hell is going on?
"Please check back on Saturday, October 2 at 10am for advance tickets to see Weezer in Boston, MA and Chicago, IL". Does that mean more Memories tour shows? possibly in texas? hooha!
I never was saying one area is more American than the other. In fact I love the city of San Francisco. I was just defending the part of the country that represents the most people. Bibleland? The current democratic president comes from the democratic state of Illinois. Cornland? What is wrong with producing food? Should we try and be like New York and produce nothing but an evil empire of bank bosses and stock market meddlers that end up screwing the rest of the country over? I am so sick of running into you coasters that have your heads so far up there that you just think the majority of your country sucks. I do not know what defines a "good part" of the country but there are many tremendous and exiting cities other than LA and NYC.

BackToSchool said:
"Heartland". Give me a break. I think you meant "breadland". Or "cornland". Or "bibleland". But the middle of the country does not represent in hardly any way the views of people who live on the two coasts. And it's not "more American" for it.

porksoda said:
I don't know what kind of stuck up piece of trash you are, but the middle of the country is heartland of this nation.

this is a recording said:
legitimate reason: the middle of the country sucks.

billybob132 said:
You guys are hitting the nail on the head. Leaving the entire middle out of the country out is just ridiculous. But if there's a legitimate reason for it, I just want to know. This topic keeps making it to the first page. Is anybody going to give us some clarification? I mean seriously, come on, I'm almost positive at least Rivers has perused this topic.
Holy cow, this thread is crazy.
Aw man, this gives me a glimmer of hope for either DC or Philly. I can live with either, but I really wish we had news...

jamesmadrox said:
"Please check back on Saturday, October 2 at 10am for advance tickets to see Weezer in Boston, MA and Chicago, IL". Does that mean more Memories tour shows? possibly in texas? hooha!
I understand your frustration! I have already traveled to Denver Metro, and PX Metro for Weezer, and can't afford to travel far, and pay for the double concert. I really want to see this special event, but have to wait and see what will happen!
This is such a Pity!! People need to calm down, and not be so negative! Stop turning on each other!

Canada? D:
I just bought my tics for the 2nd show in Chicago today. Get off the ledge my friend, it'll be ok.
...and the rest of the world.

Yeah, I agree with you man.

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