I'd like to know how the hell this is being called a tour when only 4 cities are being included in 3 states, and only in California and the Northwest.  Couldn't this had just been called "a special 4 city residency", or something else that didn't have to get fans so hyped up, only to be completely let down with the rug pulled out from under them?

I can't put into words how frustrating and disappointing this has been.  To be at an extreme high the past week waiting for dates to be announced, only to be shot down to learn this isn't even really a tour.  To leave out the entire Midwest, the Southern US, and Canada is absolutely ridiculous.  Really, not even one show in Chicago?  At least that way other Midwesteners might have a more legitimate chance of making a show, and now the only way for them is to travel 15 hours and spend an exorbitant amount of money to get there. 

This pill would've been a lot easier to swallow if it wasn't so hyped up as a full tour, and instead a special series of shows.  I just want to know from somebody, Rivers, or ever else is reading this, why entire regions of the Weezer fanbase in North America has been excluded.

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im sure there will be more dates added
be patient my frind
hope your right!

edgey44 said:
im sure there will be more dates added
be patient my frind

ad infinitum.
wah wah wah :) Ill be at Pinkerton in LA!!!!
i know exactly what you mean !! when i heard about this "tour" i flipped out--my wildest dreams, or so i thought, had come true!!

now, they're what? only goin 2 like 4 cities??? RIDICULOUS!!
WEEZER, RIVERS, KARL, if ur reading this, u need to come to these places for B*********, because we love you and many of us have waited 16 years for this!!
-FLORIDA (orlando)
dat sum bullllllshiitttt
Hey man, get a life. you've been on this forum all day.

this is a recording said:
boston and nyc are in the northeast, last i checked.

sorry that your state doesn't matter.
Calm down, they said more dates would be announced. Go to bed, wake up tomorrow and log in to the Weezer site. Then check out the new dates. Repeat until you see your town. Rock on my friend............
why is everyone freaking out about this everywhere? i havent seen any signs anywhere that say this is only going ot be in 4 cities. people need to stop acting like b******
and where is this confirmation?

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