is there a way to implement that on individual replies to a thread?


also, i just discovered that you can "like" a user.

i can see a list of things that i've "liked" this month, and when i hover over myself on that list (yes, i "like" myself) i can see the number of people who have "liked" me, but not the names. is it possible to show the names? it's important.

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srry br0
I'm such a nice person, so I'll like you anyways. :D
:') thank you

second question, is it possible to implement a feature that allows me to delete another person's posts in my thread?


(note that this feature should apply only to me.)

"profile likes" should affect the leaderboards.

Answer to question 1:  It is not possible to implement on individual replies yet.  We have asked for this, but it will probably take a while for Ning to implement (if ever).  I can see the list of members who've "liked" something when I click on "# members like this"; is that not available to regular users??

Answer to question 2:  Fluck no


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