Browsing Rivers' Wiki page recently, and I came across an entry for an album called "The Kumamoto Kid" set for release this year. And this is in addition to Alone III. Does anyone have any clue as to what this could be?

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this is probably that Japanese language album that Rivers is doing solo.
Really now? I didn't know about this. Has he said anything about it before?
Don't remember where I read about it....possibly on the boards. just heard about it very recently.
Yes, he talked about it in an interview once.
Also gotta look at it as a rumor - people can enter anything into wiki.

My boss once joked about what her next album title would be on twitter, and someone entered it into her wiki and it starter circulating. hah.
It is the translation to the Japanese album title he gave on his indaba music account
ザ クマモトキッド が来ていますよ!
Oh Rivers...

By the way, thank you for such a great morning. Chicken, waffles, and Weezer. Thanks so much.
Awesome. I definitely want to hear this. I love your cover of Meri Kuri! Does the album sound anything like that? Are you still working on it? Or is it done?
haha, nice!

Google translate says:
The Kumamotokiddo I come!
Sweet! Domo arigato..
so it is real! is it in japanese? where do I buy it?

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