Listening to Weezer makes me happy.  This is what I listen to on sunny days when my mood is rockin, and what I put on to pull myself out of a funk.  Which Weezer songs (new and old) bring you the most joy?

A few of my "happy place" faves are...

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
The Good Life
Ruling Me
Hashpipe (in an ass-kickin, angry-ish way)
Beverly Hills
Surf Wax America

...I could go on and on (but I won't)...

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My best friend makes me happy for some reason. It's not the best song, but it sounds like it could be on a kids show. 
There are very few that make me un-happy.
Island in the Sun. It's their best all around song for me and always makes me happy.
They also always manage to release a new album when I'm in a funk. They have the best timing. As for songs, I agree that dreamin' is quite uplifting/euphoric, and island in the sun always helps me relax. I also feel happy when I hear you gave your love to me softly and (random) prodigy lover. I miss when they used to stream weezer radio on the site!
Oh yes.. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived... I have the FUNNIEST videos of my best friend and I singing that. I cry laughing when we sing that song.
Buddy Holly-- Loved it since I was a kid
Burndt Jamb
Hash Pipe is totally one for me... same reason as yours... I also just love singing it. Makes me feel good afterwards... relieves my stress. I also have good memories blaring it at my old job that I worked overnights a few years back.
Island In The Sun-- who can't be happy when they hear that?
El Scorcho makes me oddly happy. The gurgle at the beginning cracks me up.
The Pink Triangle... I could have wrote that song at one point in my life but obviously instead of falling for a lesbian, I completely fell head over heels for a gay guy.
Pork and Beans-- that song makes me happy.
Photograph-- This song makes me super happy. I'm a photographer and when I'm in parades I always blare this song. Everyone dances.. it's great!

I have many, many more. OMG do I ever.
El scorcho
Burndt Jamb
Say it aint so
My best friend
All my friends are insects ( i saw weezer perform it on yo gabba gabba and i fell off the couch xD)
the greatest man that ever lived
The Prettiest Girl in the Whole wide world

these aren't in any specific order.
Beverly Hills makes me very sad and takes me to my 'dark place'.
Comin' Home (Left My Broken Heart In Carolina)
The Prettiest Girl In the Whole Wide World
High Up Above
We Go Together
I'm A Robot
Glorious Day- this one is like go and conquer the world!
Dreaming- this is like my tipical day at work...
runover by a truck- I always feel like this!
Hollyday- I think this one is... romantic
Simple pages- and everything from the green album

...I could go on and on (but I won't)...

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