I dare ya.

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The gal to my right, Tanya, was my very first "girlfriend."


I've always been, you know, like racially cool and stuff.


f****** awesome


*But why didn't you steal it from your brother while you had the chance?

what a bunch of p******

I've always been a dork.


































and here's a naked photo of me.





here's mine.  Christmas 88
You rock that HK shirt!  I'm lovin' it.  I wish I was that cool when I was your age...  :)

Jellystone said:

I've always been a dork.








































Thanks!  My Great Aunt made me that sweater....couldn't find another one like it if I tried

Wilford Brimley 88 said:
Gregor...that is teh winz
this is the only one i have in digital format
me and my brothers. all 3 of us look RIDICULOUS

blakesp26 said:
this is the only one i have in digital format

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