Seeing my wife up there with Rivers and weezer.  Ya, she messed up a line or two, but nerves were flowing up on stage in front of thousands......Both HUGE weezer fans since blue.  

Thank You Rivers!!!

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Next time, just grab the embed code and copy it into your response.
lol please give me a step by step??? no idea how to
click on embed (like you did)...right mouse click on the highlighted code and click copy (like you did)...paste it right into your thread (like you didn't clicked on the link button first or something...just paste it right into your reply...) this...

lol...THANKS...figured it out but cant get it up on the first post...

oh well.

Wow, how did she get to do that??! That's awesome.
As much as I would love to imagine being in that situation, I know I would have fainted within 10 seconds. :P
I don't know how she managed to stay so cool!
there was a radio contest i think. usually one person in every city or so got to sing after sending in an audition or something.

she did a great job. i know i wouldn't be able to get up there and do that even if i could sing.
Ill be the first to admit that the tears were rolling down my face lol.
i would've fainted in .00010 seconds being so close to Rivers
Wow. I wish I was your wife. Wait....
haha Its ok in Canada to have two wives? eh?

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