Seeing my wife up there with Rivers and weezer.  Ya, she messed up a line or two, but nerves were flowing up on stage in front of thousands......Both HUGE weezer fans since blue.  

Thank You Rivers!!!

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No, don't think so, we don't do two husbands up here either, so that clinches it, I'll never sing onstage with Rivers. Bummer.
That was awesome!
So cool ya'll are so hands-on Rivers with Weezer... Thanks for giving us fans such a cool experience!!

Rivers Cuomo said:
That was awesome!
Sure was!!! See you in January in Chicago!

Rivers Cuomo said:
That was awesome!
Congratz to the both of you! I can only imagine what that would be like!

Juniper Leigh said:
Wow. I wish I was your wife. Wait....

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