In my mailbox today !!!

Dear customer,
We are sorry to let you know that we have not been able to sent out your order on the 14th as scheduled due to the fact that your order includes the Weezer green Vinyl version which is an US import. There have been production problems in the US and they were not able to deliver right in time. The release date for the green vinyl is set to the 28th of September.
We expect to get the shipment close to the new release date, once we received it you will get a confirmation mail and we will  send out your copy immediately. Sorry for inconvenience!
Kings Road Merch Team Europe



Thanks for the mail.
But there's all the same a problem.
As a big fan of Weezer, I've done this order. I'm sure you're gonna agree, it's a big order.
And finally, I'm gonna listen the new album and have my shirts almost one month after everybody.
This isn't normal and I don't want this, furthermore, I think I am in my good right.
Please, send me the new album and my shirts now and then the Weezer green Vinyl when you'll have it.

I rely on you.
Thank you and take care

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oh my god...7 month...
yes! i hope there isnt a repeat!
they probably oversold the record, reprinting it, or had an ordering malfunction.

Seems silly that they would delay sending you your ENTIRE merch order - since it is a pre-order - instead of sending it to you in two separate shipments.
Its not like you shouldnt have been expecting it. The website clearly stated it was a september 28th in stock date. They just had some ready before that date.
kings road should have sent an email with instructions on how to obtain a free digital download of the cd in a variety of formats as well.
You're not in Europe.
no, no, no.......i send (or sent) you the first mail...:
Hey Fred,

No worries! Your order will be shipped to the address below:

MATON Frédéric
grande rue charles de Gaulles 15
3eme étage porte en face
Nogent-sur-marne, Val-de-Marne, 94130
T: 0601119796

Is this correct?

By the way, please keep in mind that this is a pre-order with the release
date of the 13th of September.

Thanks for your mail!


Customer Service
Kings Road Merch GmbH
Marsbruchstr. 133
44287 Dortmund
its a release on 28 september since today !!!!
I remember seeing on the webpage for ordering when I ordered mine on August 16th that it said it had an in stock date of September 28th. I was extremely surprised when I saw that my packaged had been shipped on Monday. If you even check the order page for the black vinyl right now it says it has a in stock date of the 28th.

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