Which song will join Blowin' My Stack/Unspoken/ Trippin' Down the Freeway/ The Greatest Man That Ever Lived/ Perfect Situation/ and Burndt Jamb in our Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game?   Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are just 10 songs, we will only eliminate 2 songs in the first round.  Remember when we get down to the final 2 songs, we then vote to win.


1. Don't Let Go (Eliminated Round 6)

2. Photograph (3RD PLACE )

3. Hash Pipe (2ND PLACE )

4. Island in the Sun (WINNER!!! )

5. Crab (Eliminated Round 1)

6. Knock-down Drag- out (Eliminated Round 3)

7. Smile (Eliminated Round 4)

8. Simple Pages (Eliminated Round 2)

9. Glorious Day (Eliminated Round 1)

10.O Girlfriend (Eliminated Round 5)


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Teenage Victory Song

Don't Let go

Knock-down Drag-out


Don't Let Go

simple pages 

o girlfriend

Simple Pages

Knock-Down Drag-Out

Knock Down Drag Out

O Girlfriend

Simple Pages
Knock-Down Drag-Out

Hang in there O Girlfriend, I still love you :'(

Simple Pages
Knock-Down Drag-Out

O Girlfriend

Simple Pages

O Girlfriend
Simple Pages

Simple Pages

Hash Pipe

Don't Let Go and Photograph.


How was I Do only a UK/Japan bonus track   That's the best track on the album!

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