Which song will join Blowin' My Stack/Unspoken/ Trippin' Down the Freeway/ The Greatest Man That Ever Lived/ Perfect Situation/ and Burndt Jamb in our Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game?   Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are just 10 songs, we will only eliminate 2 songs in the first round.  Remember when we get down to the final 2 songs, we then vote to win.


1. Don't Let Go (Eliminated Round 6)

2. Photograph (3RD PLACE )

3. Hash Pipe (2ND PLACE )

4. Island in the Sun (WINNER!!! )

5. Crab (Eliminated Round 1)

6. Knock-down Drag- out (Eliminated Round 3)

7. Smile (Eliminated Round 4)

8. Simple Pages (Eliminated Round 2)

9. Glorious Day (Eliminated Round 1)

10.O Girlfriend (Eliminated Round 5)


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Hash Pipe
Don't Let Go
Don't Let Go
Don't Let Go

:( I'm sad about O Girlfriend leaving, I hope all of you people who don't like it much eventually warm up to its good features. While it does blend into the homogenised second half of Green, at it's core it's a gem that really transcends above the rest of the album. That's probably the worst part about Green - good songs were destroyed by such sterile performances and awful mixing/mastering etc. Perhaps I'm rating songs like O Girlfriend on what they could be instead of what they are - I'm not sure.
Island in the sun
don't let go
Don't Let Go

Island In The Sun

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