Anyone else praying and hoping and sweating and drooling over the prospect of a deluxe edition of the Green album?


Right now I'm listening to that 2000-2001 era stuff, and there's some AMAZING stuff from there.  "Always" and "Starlight" are beautiful and I have no idea why "Always" wasn't on the album, even as the closer?  I think we also need "Brightening Day", "Sugar Booger", "O Lisa", "Teenage Victory Song" and "I Do" on the deluxe... I think that's all the b-sides.


I also love the 2009 live version of "Island in the Sun" with the instrument loops, and I think there's something like 6-8 live versions of the other Green album songs as b-sides.  Then of course, the reworked version of "Don't Let Go" from 2005 AOL Sessions is a must-have.


In the end, the Green album is a complete and total masterpiece with a few tragic flaws--  main one being production--  "O Girlfriend" live is absolutely beautiful.  Case in point, the sound is much too compressed.  The album track is one of Weezer's better but it took me the live version to realize that.  The whole album is The Beatles-esque and really deserves a deluxe release more than anything.


I'd kill for the complete album and studio b-sides packaged with a disc of the whole album live (including all the live b-sides and then that version of "O Girlfriend"), and then another disc of all the demos and a select couple more or something, and lastly a disc of radio edits and sessions.  Is a 4-disc album too greedy?  Probably.  But it's to die for.


Anyone else need a deluxe and/or think the Green album is fantastic?

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I'm with you man, Kittens bieber is a boogerface.
I think it will happen without a doubt. All we have to do is wait. Hopefully not too long.
Yes. Also, Alone IV: The Green Days

nice album cover. 4-discs will never happen.


If they decide to do Green Deluxe Edition it will be 2.


The first half of disc one is the original remastered, the second half is b-sides.

Disc 2 will have the best live versions for the first half and radio edits / remixes for the 2nd half.

Just like Pinkerton Deluxe.


Demos can be put in "Alone IV: The Green Days" as The dreWid calls it.

True, demos can be in Alone IV, but a couple would be nice, kinda like the Blue album and Pinkerton deluxe had a couple.

This is indeed the case.  We don't need multiple topics when it is still getting replies.  If you want to disccus this topic further go to the original topic as posted here:


It's no big deal, however as this is unnecessary now... thread closed.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

Before starting a new discussion topic, please skim thread topics on the first few pages of the forum to see if the discussion has already been started. If the discussion already exists, please contribute your thoughts to that thread instead of creating a duplicate topic. This will not only help to keep the forum organized but it will centralize discussion on the same topic into one place instead of having many conversations exist on one subject.
-forum guidelines

this isn't rocket science. duplicate threads are useless.

KPcool90 said:

No, I just didn't care. What gives you the right to decide which threads are acceptable and which are not?

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
did you miss the part where i pointed out that radioactive posted in the previous thread as recently as january 4th?

KPcool90 said:
yeah i guess not knowing about a thread that was started over two months ago is grounds to be degraded by you.  I don't know who you think you are.  Grow up, loser.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
why is everyone else too f****** stupid to realize that there's already a thread about a deluxe edition of the green album.


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