I've done an acoustic cover of this tune before but I couldn't help doing a full cover that includes the drums and bass. 

The guitar duet solo on this tune is one of my all time favorites and very fun to play.  I tried to show a side by side view of the solo in the video. 

Apologies for the out of sync portion at the beginning of the tune but it comes together during the solo (it's my first time fanangling with video and audio sync).

I also played around with the bpm changes on Garageband since it doesn't have the option to change bpm in a project, I had to get creative. 

As always, thanks for checking it out and feel free to drop a comment or criticism to better improve the next project!

Tags: cuomo, good, life, pickles, pinkerton, rivers

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Very very good, I would just say turn the distortion or gain a bit down on the guitar at the beginning and work on the bit where it goes back into the second verse. Love the bridge though and you did a really good job on all the instruments.

I liked it.

Very good, I would also like to retract my previous statement.


Just realized I wasn't subscribed to my own thread so I wasn't getting the updates!

Thanks for the comments and glad you guys enjoyed it! I want to cover all of Pinkerton someday. I realize the time would be better spent working on originals but I'm a Weezer nut ;)

As for Hugh's comment, I used a les Paul on that section which tends to be warmer (ended up not using any effects pedal) compared to Rivers' (I think it was a fender) strat but it sounded killer when I recorded it at the time and it just didn't translate that way in the end. Might have been the way I placed the mics which I used both a dynamic and condenser to get a reverb effect going, but thanks for the criticism! I might have to redo that track :)

this is rubbish... have you considered covering something more up your alley? like puff daddy and the family

You should try doing a cover this good Alderworst, you're a musician

Did you play all the parts or did someone else play as well?.

great job!  

For your video, don't do the random titles.  I want to see you playing the whole time.  You just retaught me the main licks for The Good Life by showing me what you were playing.

Again, I really liked your cover.  For next time, can you do a demo/rare/live only type song?  The HOMiE cd that was released on allthingsweezer.com is probably one of the best things I've ever heard - the "Hot Tub" guitar solo especially.  The guys that made it have some serious talent.  With your production quality, it'd be awesome to see you polish up a rare =w= tune

Hugh, I did play all instruments except the drums which I worked up using garage band software drums. It would be great to have others do other instruments that way it doesn't take so long to learn.

Gregor, I definitely agree with you. I just got lazy in the end with the video and I wasn't sure if anyone cared to see someone strum power chords so I just captured the important parts :) I'm glad it was able to give you tips on the playing though! glad you enjoyed it!

I've done a cover of prettiest girl and blast off (the version where Scott and Brian sang live...there are different lyrics) do they count? ;)
I want to redo both because I used a crappy drum SIM for prettiest girl and I need to add bass on blast off.

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