...is back by popular demand (meaning edgey)


It's real easy.


Say something nice about the person that posted above you. Post as many times as you want. The longer the thread, the greater the karma.


Conversely, f*** up the thread and your tits will fall off.


***By the way on the old boards this thread was the biggest, and lasted the longest time. Let's see if we can keep it up. Insert penis joke.

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cool weezentine thread birdie
Sarah - never spoken to you, but all your discussions are really interesting.
I have no idea who you are, but I'm glad you commented on this thread. It was sinking off the page :)
I love that you're a kick-a$$ mommy like me. :)
I love kick-a$$ mommies
Being faithful seems to be a rare quality these days.  That makes you a really special guy.



You're a Primus AND Fugazi fan and you seem super cool and I would like to meet you some day.


Maybe next time =w= comes around these parts you can join the rest of us and come with. That would be nice.



You're a really good man and a great friend. <3

Thanks :-)


We need to catch up on things!


I like that you are a creative and artistic person.


Also stop looking at me that way with your avatar.

I'm still thankful for that shot glass you sent me. Of course, I still use it.
I love that you are so musically talented!
I don't know anyone here...but I like the name G Foo Chombey 'cos it reminds me of the Foo Fighters.

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