...is back by popular demand (meaning edgey)


It's real easy.


Say something nice about the person that posted above you. Post as many times as you want. The longer the thread, the greater the karma.


Conversely, f*** up the thread and your tits will fall off.


***By the way on the old boards this thread was the biggest, and lasted the longest time. Let's see if we can keep it up. Insert penis joke.

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You are a beautiful human being and I love you very much.

hintofcoolness said:
I love your glasses too, Maverick.
you are constantly kind and positive to everyone, about everything
you make me happy, and i love you even though i dont have a submarine yet.

I always see you post nice things. :D
I like that you like pterodactyls

I like pterodactyls. said:
I always see you post nice things. :D
I like that you are still around when people give you a lot of s***.
You are an awesome person and it was great to finally meet you in person. :)
Your Greek is improving.
Google Translator has never let me down. ;)

You're good at pushing cars uphill and harassing piano players.

You are smart when it comes down to choosing a state to live in! Haha

But seriously you are an awesome person and I love to hear what you have to say on this website.

You seem to be a really cool guy, and it's refreshing to see a non-vulgar person on weezer.com.
Wow! Thanks for noticing! You too seem pretty sick with it.

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