...is back by popular demand (meaning edgey)


It's real easy.


Say something nice about the person that posted above you. Post as many times as you want. The longer the thread, the greater the karma.


Conversely, f*** up the thread and your tits will fall off.


***By the way on the old boards this thread was the biggest, and lasted the longest time. Let's see if we can keep it up. Insert penis joke.

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I like that you have farm animals.
I like that you like farm animals.

you seem back to your old jolly self


im a happy when coolness is happy

YOU ROCK, my friend. Excellent call on the English flag in the gig queue. Glad you had a good time.


also... I'm happy because I found a gal who thinks the same way :P

edgey44 said:

 im a happy when coolness is happy





HoC, I am grateful to have you as a friend.  And that goes for everyone else on this board that is my friend.  If Chuck Liddell and Manny Pacquiao were hassling any of you...I would go in swinging without hesitation. 


Right back at ya, anything you need- lemme know, man.


Also you have excellent taste in video games :P

I too am grateful to have you as a friend. You are such an amazing person! I'm really glad you found a good woman. You deserve the best. I love you and am looking forward to seeing you in August.
I love you to pieces and I think August will be a blast.
You are a beautiful person inside and out <3
I am proud of you for doing well in school, young lady.
I love your Clark Kent glasses.
I love your glasses too, Maverick.

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