...is back by popular demand (meaning edgey)


It's real easy.


Say something nice about the person that posted above you. Post as many times as you want. The longer the thread, the greater the karma.


Conversely, f*** up the thread and your tits will fall off.


***By the way on the old boards this thread was the biggest, and lasted the longest time. Let's see if we can keep it up. Insert penis joke.

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I'll begin.


Great thread, brah.

You are cool because you brought this back. 
I like nuns......

Not in that way

The dreWid said:
You are cool because you brought this back. 
You are a master of disguise with your Michael Jackson and Mexican Burro Rider costumes. Impressive!
You are the coolest sports fan on here.
I'm glad you're like a good neighbor.
You've always been there for me G Foo... always.
It's good to have you on board again OiP.
its awesome your a NUFC fan

edgey, i like how you put "your" instead of "you're" again right after HoC had just corrected you in the other thread. 

"your" a f****** rebel without a cause.  good job mate.

Blake, you are an awesome guy with great taste in music.

ily. <3
I'm glad you came back to us!

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