...is back by popular demand (meaning edgey)


It's real easy.


Say something nice about the person that posted above you. Post as many times as you want. The longer the thread, the greater the karma.


Conversely, f*** up the thread and your tits will fall off.


***By the way on the old boards this thread was the biggest, and lasted the longest time. Let's see if we can keep it up. Insert penis joke.

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You are the Canadian beaver. I love that guy.

you take awesome pics

I like that you are so humble with your name. It should be more like HUGEBLASTOFCOOLNESS!!!

I like your persistence, a great quality that can help you achieve your goals and succeed  :) 

I like that you have the Star Wars theme song on your profile page. :)

i like you

I like-like you.

I like your personality.
...sorry, d***.

it's great that you're back here.

I missed you, my Edgey.

Also, I'm glad you didn't think I was totally crazy for sending you that framed cross stitch. :)

So glad you are back...you add spice to this place! Or as you guys say here spoice? 

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