Who else thinks that this song sounds a bit like something on PInkerton and if it was 1/2 a step down it would sound even more like something on Pinkerton?.

When they played it live in 2001, during the intro Brian plays the solo as well so its just Mikey playing the rhythm section and on Pinkerton they did that a lot where both guitars played the solo. Skip to 4.43 when The Christmas Song starts.

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First of all, you can't hear if the guitar is tuned 1/2 a step down. This song is in F. So would it sound more Pinkerton-esque to you if they played it in F# on 1/2 step tuned down guitars? No, cause it's exactly the same.

And second, no, I don't think it has a Pinkerton vibe to it other than that it's sad. It lacks the musical playfulness and lyrical depth. To me, it has the same vibe as every other Green era track. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

No, not pinkerton.  This has a green vibe all over it.  The Solo just matches the melody.  That alone = green

It is

Dan M. said:

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